- What sort of photography do you do?
Jacqueline photographs people. She specialises in the arts, to include dance and band/musician promo photography. She covers arts events such as dance showcases, outdoor plays and music festivals. Jacqueline photographs portraits to include: family, solo, couples, maternity, friends, children and baby’s first year portraits. Jacqueline also offers action portraits capturing you doing what you love to do best, whether is is playing football, horse-riding, martial arts or gymnastics etc. Jacqueline offers a headshot service for business people as well artists. She also specialises in fashion photography and enjoys doing conceptual work for fine art prints. Occasionally, Jacqueline takes on commercial photography. (Back to Top)
- How much will it cost me to have a professional photoshoot and photographs done?
The cost depends on the nature of your photoshoot and the amount of photographs that you require. There are two main payments to consider; the commission fee and the price for the photographs that your purchase. You can commission Jacqueline for as little as £23.00 if you are wanting a headshot shoot. Digital photo files are £15.00 each and prints start at £10.99 each plus postage. There is no minimum spend, however, the more photographs you purchase the better value for money you will receive. Naturally the longer the shoot and the more photographs that you want the higher the price. (Back to Top)
- How do I book?
Simply email Jacqueline on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone: 01483 424506 to book your photoshoot. (Back to Top)
- When do I pay?
You pay the commission fee upon booking the date for your photoshoot. This secures your shoot and ensures that date and time are held for you. The commission fee pays for the post-production work from your shoot. You then pay for any photographs or products that you want once you have received your proofs and placed an order for the photographs you want. (Back to Top)
- What methods of payment do you accept?
The preferred method of payment is via online bank transfer. Alternative forms of payment include paypal and cheque. All payment details are written on your invoice. (Back to Top)
- What should I wear during my photoshoot?
You should wear clothes you feel good in. However for group portraits, to include couples, families and friends, it is essential that you discuss together beforehand what you will all wear so you look great and flatter one another. Please go to the What to Wear section on this website for detailed information. (Back to Top)
- What if it rains on the day of my shoot?
Jacqueline will contact you if rain is forecast, to reschedule at a mutually agreeable time. Do not worry about a cloudy day, this is not a problem at all. (Back to Top)
- What happens if I feel ill on the day of my shoot?
If you or a member of the group to be photographed feels ill on the day of the photoshoot, just call Jacqueline to reschedule a new time or day. It is important to appreciate that late cancellations will not result in a refund of your commission fee but you can re-schedule. (Back to Top)
- How long will my photoshoot last?
Depending on the nature of your shoot, anything from 1/2 hour to 2.5 hours. (Back to Top)
- Do you have a makeup artist or hair stylist available?
Yes, a hair stylist and makeup artist is available for you before your shoot at an additional cost. (Back to Top)
- How long will I have to wait before I see the proofs from my photoshoot?
Typical turn around time is approximately 2 weeks. Jacqueline will confirm with you at the end of you shoot how long you can expect to wait before receiving your proofs. You will receive an email confirming when your photographs first go into post-production so you are kept in the picture. (Back to Top)
- Do you offer a retouching or airbrushing service?
Yes. If you particularly want your photographs retouching in any specific way or your skin airbrushing to a certain standard then do tell Jacqueline your preferences. (Back to Top)
- Do you photograph indoors?
Jacqueline mostly photographs on location, outdoors in local beauty spots or unusual locations. However, she will shoot indoors when the project requires it. (Back to Top)
- How will I be able to view the photographs from my shoot?
You will be sent an email with your login details to tell you that your photographic proofs are ready to view in your own private viewing gallery on the website. (Back to Top)
- How do you send digital photo files?
Digital photo files are sent either via dropbox or put onto the Jacqueline Smith Photography USB Card. (Back to Top)
- If I purchase the digital photo file of a photograph, does that mean I own the copyright?
No, you don’t. Jacqueline Smith Photography retains all copyright of her photography. (Back to Top)
- If I purchase the digital photo file of a photograph, can I print it as many copies as I want?
Yes, you have permission to make as many prints as you wish, unless stated otherwise. Re-sale of your photographs to a third party is strictly prohibited.(Back to Top)
- Do you frame prints?
- What end-products do you offer?
Prints, Framing, Canvases, Photo Albums, Photobooks, JSP USB Card. (Back to Top)
- Can I order photographs from my shoot whenever I want?
Yes, you can. However, there is an additional £15.00 admin fee to pay for late orders. The normal time frame to order your photographs is within 2 weeks or 3 weeks for family/group portraits. (Back to Top)
- Do you keep all photographs from photoshoots or are they deleted after a period of time?
Your photographs are guaranteed to be kept for one year. (Back to Top)
- Do you have a maximum distance that you will travel to a client for a photoshoot?
Jacqueline travels to clients/photoshoot locations for free up to a 20 mile radius. She is happy to travel further, however above 20 miles, 0.90p per mile is then chargeable. (Back to Top)
- I have some ideas about the artistic nature of my photoshoot. Can I discuss these with you prior to my shoot?
Absolutely. Depending on the nature of your shoot, this can be done over the telephone or by email. For more complex/artistic photoshoots a free appointment can be made for a pre-shoot chat one to one. (Back to Top)
- I am a little self-conscious when having my photo taken. Can you help with this?
Yes, this is very common. Jacqueline can chat with you about any specific things you feel self-conscious about before hand and will photograph you then edit your photos taking into consideration your likes and dislikes. (Back to Top)
- I want to purchase a gift voucher, are there any circumstances when these are refundable?
Gift vouchers are non-refundable but are valid for 9 months. However, please talk to Jacqueline if there are extenuating circumstances present. (Back to Top)
- I want to book you to cover an event. When do we pay?
For event photography, you are required to pay a deposit upon booking Jacqueline and then you will be invoiced for the outstanding balance 7 day prior to the event. (Back to Top)
- What happens if we have booked you but the event gets cancelled?
All monies are fully refunded if 8 weeks before the event. After this time monies are refunded on a sliding scale. See terms and conditions for full details. (Back to Top)
- What happens if you have to cancel an event that we have booked you to photograph?
In the unlikely and unavoidable circumstances that Jacqueline cancels her attendance to your event then monies, including deposit will be refunded to you in full. (Back to Top)